LG steam-cleans your dishes, won’t glow purple

Are you hard on your dishes? LG thinks it has a solution for those food particles that just won’t budge, with a new dishwasher that harnesses the power of steam.

Like most appliances we see, the model name LD-1454TFES2 doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but the technology inside is sure to excite if you’re still handling dishes the good ol’ fashioned way: with your hands.

Branded as a “TrueSteam” dishwasher, the freestanding machine will create hot steam particles and fire them at dishes, effectively destroying the connection dried food has with plates, dishes, and fine tableware.

The company claims that one drop of water should be enough to provide 1600 steam molecules, making the cleaning particular effective, although also gentle due to the cleansing not being a harsh attack of water.

“LG has invested significantly in the home appliance category to ensure we continue to provide consumers with products that fit their lifestyle and provide ease and convenience,” said LG’s Australian Corporate Marketing Manager. “The new LG TrueSteam Dishwasher is yet another example of how LG is continuing that investment with a product that provides a superior clean with less time and effort.”

Different types of dishes can be cleaned in specific ways with the TrueSteam DualSpray cycle, a mode that offers two types of water pressures for each of the two rack levels in the dishwasher.

A “hygienic rinse cycle” also pushes the inside temperature up to 80 degrees, making the cleaning cycle stronger than dishwashers using ten degrees below this temperature.

You’ll also find 14 place settings, 7 programs, a half load option to save time, a 5.5 star water rating for a 10.4L wash, and a stainless steel finish.

And despite the image at the top of this article, we have been assured that the TrueSteam won’t actually emit a purple glow, although we’re sure you could install some purple LED strips if you really wanted to.

UPDATE (May 24): Turns out LG made a couple of mistakes. We’ve corrected them, but the water rating is actually 5.5 stars per 10.4L wash (not 4 stars per 13.5L as originally reported), features 7 programs (not 6), and now has a silence rating of 41dB. Just letting you know.