LG Styler S3BF – a super streamy Styler coming to Oz

LG Styler

The LG Styler  (S3BF) – Steam Clothing Care System is a clothing care solution featuring LG’s innovative LG TrueSteam technology and moving hangers to gently shake clothes to help reduce wrinkles and remove unpleasant odours from fabrics. Good news – it is coming down under.

Now for reasons unknown (or that I care to admit) I want one. As the LG Styler can reduce ironing and make clothes look better, it is worth aspiring too.

Now I have tantalisingly seen previous iterations of the LG Styler at international trade shows and used one in Japan. It is precisely what any sartorial Homme sans trouser press should have. Or any fine femme as well.

LG Styler (S3BF)



Price: Selected Harvey Norman stores $3,299.

How the LG Styler works

First, it is for trousers, shirts, jackets, skirts and dresses – anything that can go on a hanger. Or you can also use it to stream/refresh/deodorise/sanitisatise pillows, stuffed toys, and shoes etc.

LG Styler trousers

On the latter point, allergy and hay fever suffers can rejoice – the British Allergen Foundation has certified and tested it for reduction in exposure to house dust mites and bacteria.

LG Styler allergy

Second, it works with any item that does not have a ‘no heat/air dry’ fabric care label including natural leather, fur, silk, wool, linen, cotton, knits as well as most synthetic woven fabrics.

The LG Styler has various cycles as well as specialist ones downloaded via its ThinQ control app.

A heat pump steams up the LG styler and gentle sideways moving hangars reduce or remove wrinkles during the cycle (ranges from 20 minutes for a light refresh to 113 minutes for a heavy-duty sanitary cycle).

It can save significant money in dry cleaning bills as well – if all the item needs is a press and refresh.

It consumes 1700-1900W in operation, and you can delay start to use lower-cost electricity in the wee hours.

Will it fit in my home?

It is elegant enough to go anywhere – not just the laundry. The LG Styler cabinet does not require external venting and can go on carpet floors.

It is 1850 (H) x 445 (W) x 585 (door open depth is 1010mm) and 90kg, so you need a good place for it.

You can also fit the anti-tip kit if you see any issues with placement. The door can be left or right opening (optional door kit needed).

It has a water supply tank and a drip tray with LED indicators. You can also add aroma sheets or a perfumed cotton pad (if you need an aroma).

LG ThinQ

It has Smart Diagnosis and SmartThinQ that means it works with Google Assistant. You can also remotely monitor the LG Styler via the SmartThinQ app. They can also track energy consumption and download the latest developed care cycles.

LG Styler ThinQ

GadgetGuy’s take – as a trouser press owner I want an LG Styler

Corby trouser press

I have owed a trusted Corby trouser press for most of my life. It is ideal for pressing trousers and ties. It has saved me thousands of dollars in dry-cleaning and extended garment life.

The LG Styler is that on a grander scale. It is not for everyone – it will not de-wrinkle Levi’s, but it will add extra refinement to what you and your significant other wears.