LG tiiun a vision of cultivated living

LG Tiiun

The ‘tiiun’ is an ‘indoor gardening appliance’ which LG says “offers the benefits of a full-featured garden without the worries of pests or unfavourable climate”. Looking like a small wine fridge, it has two shelves for cultivating vegetables, herbs and even flowers, which you purchase as seed kits from LG. Following germination, you can be enjoying greens grown within the cosy confines of your living room in 4-8 weeks, according to the company.

A Korean word meaning ‘to sprout’, tiiun makes use of LG’s experience in refrigerator, water purifier and air conditioner technologies to simulate ideal cultivation conditions. Temperature, light levels and humidity are maintained at optimum levels designed to mimic the natural cycle of a day, and water is circulated eight times every 24 hours to help ensure the precise amount of moisture for growing. It’s a largely automated process that promises simple in-home gardening for those with next-to-no experience.

Tiiun’s internal design amplifies the effect of the LED light source to increase photosynthesis and speed the growing process, according to LG. You can (literally) watch your garden grow through the glass door, or remotely monitor germination, change settings and get notifications on your mobile device using LG’s ThingQ app.

Intended to harmonise with modern spaces, the tiiun comes in Nature Beige and Nature Green finishes and is, according to LG, “a practical and convenient solution for busy consumers who want to enjoy a green space and more sustainable living at home”. So where do you get one?

Unfortunately for wannabe green thumbs, the tiiun indoor gardening appliance is currently a concept only, but one that’s impressive enough of earn a CES 2022 Innovation Award. It will be on virtual display at CES 2022 from 5 Jan.