LG to bring a massive 84-inch 4K Quad-Full HD TV to CES

Bigger may well be better, with LG announcing a new big-screen TV that the company will be bringing to CES in just a couple of weeks.

Announced this week, LG will be launching an 84 inch 3D TV with a resolution that’s higher than “Full HD”. The new 4K resolution is expected to be seen on more TVs and projectors in 2012, and has been called under both “Quad Full HD” and “Ultra Definition”.

The new TV doesn’t just boast a huge screen size, 3840p resolution, and 3D technology, as it also features access to LG’s SmartTV ecosystem and supports the new LG remote complete with voice recognition and gesture controls.

LG isn’t the first to unveil a 3D 4K TV this year, with Toshiba announcing a smaller 55 inch model several weeks ago that supports glasses-less 3D.

For now, you can take a look at the few images LG has below, while we wait for pricing and an Australian release date to be released after the official announcement at CES in January.