LG to bring Full HD to the mobile phone


How would you like it if your mobile phone could play back 1080p video? LG has announced that a new chip found in some upcoming phones will be able to do just that.
LG’s chip of choice will be Nvidia’s Tegra 2, a processor that should provide solid gaming and multimedia experience on the new devices. The technology being used here is said to take advantage of two 1GHz processors and provide “up to 2x faster web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance” according to LG.
The use of Tegra will also introduce a world first with 1080p Full HD video playback, something mobile phones have yet to be able to do. We don’t imagine it will replace the Blu-ray player in your home, but if the new devices have HDMI output, we can only imagine how much easier it would be to bring high-definition content with you and show it on a TV.
While we have yet to find out which LG phone will be the first to use this, we do expect it will be Android based as the chip is already appearing in tablets using Google’s operating system. The first phones should be appearing under LG’s Optimus brand later this year.