It’s taken a few years for companies to pick up on the battleground that is multi-room audio, but that looks to be the next place LG will be playing for keeps, not just settling with one or two speakers, but going the full hearing hog this year.

Last year, we saw LG take a peek into the world of multi-room audio, joining Sonos ahead of them and Samsung just in front, but while last year’s assortment of three speakers got LG into the area, this year it’s about rigging up the rest of the home.

“Our 2015 AV accessories, such as the all-new soundbars, truly make all the difference in your overall home entertainment experience,” said Lambro Skropidis, LG Australia’s General Manager of Marketing.

“At LG, we get that our customers have varying preferences and priorities, so that’s why our new AV line-up offers such a wide range in power, features and pricing to suit all needs.”


The range starts with the first of the lot Skropidis mentioned, which are a collection of soundbars, or all-in-one speakers for people who would prefer to have one long speaker under their TV instead of four, five, seven, or nine setup around the home.

For LG this year, that product category includes six models ranging in price from $249 to $1299, and delivering anywhere between 120 to 700 watts of power, with three of the models — the LAS650M, LAS750M, and LAS950M — including support for the LG multi-room system known as Music Flow.

Aside for that, you’ll also find support for Google Cast, making it possible for Android phones to send audio to the speaker this way for Pandora, Google Play, Rdio, and more, instead of relying solely on Bluetooth for streaming.