LG to push 3D monitors for home computers?

At Samsung’s computer and camera launch last week, we were surprised to see that the big S would be competing with new 3D monitors for home computers. But it isn’t the only one, as LG is eyeballing the home computer market, too.

The new LG Cinema 3D monitors will come in 21, 23, and 25 inch widescreen models, and will feature HDMI 1.4 ports with 2D to 3D conversion technology, making games and movies pop out in 3D even when they were made for a 2D world.

Unlike Samsung’s active shutter glasses technology, LG will be pushing its new passive 3D technology, unveiled recently and set to join the TVs sold in Australia within a few weeks. These monitors will not only take advantage of a passive 3D technology with inexpensive 3D glasses, but also won’t require different glasses for the monitors and TVs in your home, a concept Samsung seems to be going with.

No word on pricing yet, but LG expects to roll them out around the world starting from June.