Classy new LG top mount fridge range launched to suit your kitchen

LG top mount fridge beige 395L

Designed to fit in with 2023 trends, LG has launched three new top mount fridges featuring neutral-toned colour options, versatile storage options, and energy efficiency technology.

With two 266L variations and a 395L model, the latest appliances aren’t as bold and bright as the MoodUp fridge with LED panels. They do, however, fit in with LG’s minimalist kitchen appliances shown at CES 2023 earlier in the year.

Alongside Stainless and White finishes, you can now get a top mount fridge in Natural Beige, a new colour for LG. Unfortunately, only the larger 395L fridge gets the beige finish, while the other two colours are locked to the 266L version.

2023 LG top mount fridge range

Starting from $699, LG’s latest fridges are relatively affordable and the top mount design is ideal if you prefer having the freezer compartment at eye level. On the inside are adjustable shelves for accommodating food and drink as needed. The freezer also has a removable ice maker if you prefer drinks on the rocks. Plus, there’s what LG refers to as a “Fresh Zone” crisper drawer to keep your fruit and veggies fresh.

These fridges use a Smart Inverter Compressor that adjusts its efficiency according to external temperatures. Another cooling feature is the top mount range’s multi-direction air circulation system. Designed to maintain food freshness, outlets located throughout the fridge and rear air vents work together to circulate cool air.

Out now, the LG top mount fridges are available at whitegoods retailers and online. Here’s what you can expect to pay for each model:

LG goes big on branding and design

Alongside the fridge announcement, LG also revealed an update to its branding. The signature “face” of the brand, made by combining the letters “L” and “G” now animates to move and make cutesy expressions. Additionally, the company’s “Life’s Good” slogan received a typeface facelift. It’s all aimed at appealing to more generations, including the younger Gen Z demographic.

LG Objet Collection TV Pose in moooi brand shop_03
TV as art: the LG OLED Objet Collection on display at Milan Design Week.

On the topic of design, LG’s OLED Objet Collection will feature as part of a multi-sensory exhibition at Salone del Mobile during Milan Design Week. Between 17-22 April, the exhibition, titled “A Life Extraordinary”, is a collaboration between LG and Dutch lifestyle brand Moooi, showcasing the OLED Objet Collection TVs as technology-meets-art. The Objet range encompasses functional appliances designed to also feature as luxury furniture in addition to its functionality.

I’m more of a function-over-form person myself but appreciate that aesthetics are an increasingly important factor when buying new appliances.

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