Save up to $700 on LG TV and soundbar bundles this EOFY

LG G4 OLED TV SG10 soundbar sale 2024 EOFY
Image: LG.

LG is getting in early with its end-of-financial-year sale, taking up to $700 off its flagship TV and soundbar bundles, including the top-of-the-line G4 OLED model.

TV brands are making a big push this year ahead of the Paris Olympics in July – they want you to have the biggest and best ready for all the sporting action. Not to mention all the movies and TV shows we’re all obsessed with.

For LG, the EOFY promotion is also a membership-building exercise. To get the discounts, you need to sign up as a MyLG Member. Although loyalty programs aren’t anything new, it does seem like more big brands are doubling down on them. Samsung launched an app last year, offering exclusive discounts, similar to the MyLG program.

So, what’s on offer? From now until 12 June 2024, you can save hundreds of dollars on selected LG TVs and soundbars when bundled together. It includes some of this year’s OLED and QNED TVs, many of which are already cheaper than their 2023 equivalents.

More specifically, you get $700 off when pairing an LG G4 OLED TV with an SG10TY soundbar. Next on the list is a $500 discount on an LG C4 OLED TV paired with an SC9S. And bundling a 2024 LG QNED TV with an S70TY soundbar saves you $300.

Or if a projector is more your style, the LG CineBeam Q is $500 off, even for non-members. It only recently launched in April, at a $2,499 retail price point.

LG OLED and QNED TV + soundbar EOFY 2024 sale

Each bundle is valid on TVs sized at 55 inches and above. Depending on which model you get, it means you could get a TV and soundbar together for less than $2,000. Mind you, the 55-inch C4 OLED is $3,299 and the G4 costs $4,199, so you’re still looking at upwards of $4-5K for the most premium models once you add the corresponding soundbar.

If you’re in the market, though, any discount is welcome. You can check out the eligible models below via LG’s website:

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