Today Korean giant LG Electronics showed off a range of premium sound and picture products which will be appearing in coming weeks.

The highlight was its new W series OLED TV. Now, we know that one of the virtues of OLED is that the panels can be very thin since each cell produces its own light, rather than sitting in front of and controlling the transmission of light from a separate backlight. But of course there are structural issues here. Make a large panel too thin and there’s a good chance it’ll shatter just when lifted by its corners. The W Series TV is just 2.57mm thick. Let’s say one third of the thickness of a typical smart phone.

Do It With Magnets

How to support something like that?

LG’s solution: affix it to a wall bracket. With magnets. Of course.

Ultra thin two box solution for LG W7 series OLED TVs (Top: W7 in situ)

Naturally the wall plate adds its own thickness to the whole, but nonetheless that whole remains at just four millimetres thick. LG says that the “W” naming this series stands for wallpaper, or window, since that’s somewhat like its appearance, almost flush on the wall.

There’s no room for anything beyond picture production in the panel, so everything else – panel driver, inputs, TV tuner, sound – has been offloaded to an external, high performance sound bar. One that delivers Dolby Atmos sound using speakers on its top to produce a height effect.

Given the design of this panel, there is no option for standalone mounting. It’s wall or nothing.