LG wonders if wider monitors make people more productive

Here at GadgetGuy, nearly everyone on the creative level has two monitors, because it helps us spread our work across a larger area. LG has a different solution for this, though, with a way of sending your program windows to the various corners of your display.

The update that makes this happen is a driver which, from what we hear, will be available on both Mac and PC. When installed and in action, the driver sends programs to various quadrants of the display, making two applications appear side by side, three in columns, our even four in their own corner.

It’s a little like having someone to organise your windows, and since this was developed for a 21:9 ultra-wide monitor, it means there will be more space for you to keep that window in.

LG’s driver that makes this happen arrives just as LG updates its own ultra-wide monitor, with the LG EA73 acting as the new 21:9 display in the LG monitor arsenal, featuring an IPS display for viewing at all angles, the cinema aspect ratio, and support for “dual link up” which means two devices can be seen on the monitor at the same time, whether its your smartphone and computer, gaming console and computer, or gaming console and camera.

The new screen measures 29 inches diagonally and includes support for USB 2.0, USB 3.0, DisplayPort, two HDMI ports, and more colours thanks to LG’s True Colour Finder and a panel capable of providing more than 99 percent of the colour gamut.

Pricing for the new monitor comes at $699, with stores receiving stock later this month across the country.