Bigger and better washer + dryer combos from LG are here

LG WVC5-1410W front load washer and dryer
The LG WVC5-1410W front load washer and dryer.

More front load washer and dryer combos are on the way from LG, providing more options if you’re short on space for two separate appliances. Three new models in the company’s hybrid washing appliance range are coming: a Series 5 10kg/6kg model (WVC5-1410W), and two additional Series 9 machines (WVC9-1412W and WVC9-1412B). These will stand alongside LG’s new energy and water-efficient Series 9 washing machines.

Made for households with limited space, these appliances help get your washing and drying done using one device. LG points to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicating shrinking house sizes as a major factor behind the appeal of two-in-one appliances.

A two-in-one combo featuring the WVC5-1410W

Each new front load washer and dryer appliance provides a larger capacity than superseded models. Starting with the new Series 5 machine (WVC5-1410W), it lets you wash up to a 10kg load of laundry while supporting a 6kg drying capacity. Meanwhile, both of the Series 9 combo machines can wash up to 12kg of laundry and dry as much as 8kg in one go. With more capacity, the idea is that you save time by needing to do fewer washing loads overall.

As part of the appliances’ cleaning technology, each model uses AI technology intended to eliminate guesswork with washing. All three machines include LG AI DD technology to choose the best washing motion based on each specific load of washing. Allergy sufferers will also benefit from the machines’ Allergy Care Cycle which uses steam to tackle common allergens like pollen and dust mites

LG WVC9-1412B front load washer and dryer
As well as a larger capacity, the new Series 9 front load washer and dryers come in either black or white.

As with most of LG’s modern hardware, the new front load and dryer combos support app connectivity via LG ThinQ. Here, you can start and keep an eye on washing cycles remotely. Additionally, the app also shows you energy and water usage, plus new wash cycles available to download, while providing diagnostic information should anything go wrong. In our review of the Series 10 WV10-1412B front load washer, we loved the app functionality, as it added extra convenience to the laundry.

Longevity is another big factor to consider when buying a washing machine. If you’re eyeing one of LG’s new two-in-one machines, you’ll get a two-year parts and labour warranty on the entire device, plus an extra eight-year parts warranty on the Inverter Direct Drive Motor.

LG front load washer and dryer specifications 

Capacity10kg / 6kg12kg / 8kg12kg / 8kg
AI DD® YesYesYes
6 Motion® Direct DriveYesYesYes
LG ThinQ® CompatibleYesYesYes
Allergy Care™ with SteamSteamSteam+Steam+
TurboWash 360® NoYesYes
Price (RRP)$1,399.00TBCTBC

Although only the smaller Series 5 washer and dryer combo (WVC5-1410W) has a confirmed price, the other two models shouldn’t be far behind. Expect to see the two Series 9 machines priced similarly considering the main difference between the two is a choice between black and white colours.

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