LG’s 2009 LH50 range of 200Hz LCD TVs

LG Electronics’ new TruMotion 200Hz technology delivers an exceptional, natural picture with vivid colour and ultra-fast motion picture response times. With this new LCD HDTV technology, less picture processing is required.

LG starts with Super In Plane Switching (S-IPS) panel, which provides faster response times and maintains better color and contrast at off-axis viewing angles, yielding superior performance. S-IPS also provides a more vivid and clear motion picture and virtually eliminates colour wash.

TruMotion 200Hz builds on the capability of S-IPS by using a unique scanning backlight technology to improve motion picture response time from 100Hz to 200Hz to virtually eliminate motion blur, even during the fastest moving scenes. Conventional systems use a double process of motion estimation-motion compensation (MEMC) to insert “pseudo” data into the image in order to increase response time. However, this can also add unwanted motion artefacts into the picture.

LG’s TruMotion 200Hz scanning backlight technology and S-IPS combine to produce one of the fastest response times on an LCD HDTV. Because TruMotion 200Hz uses less picture processing, resulting images are smoother and more natural, treating consumers’ eyes to a more satisfying overall viewing experience. TruMotion 200Hz delivers images that are crystal clear and move so naturally, consumers will feel as though the action is unfolding right in their living room.

Price and availability

LG’s LH50 LCD HDTV series is available in April 2009. Pricing is as follows:

  • 32 inch LH50 LCD HDTV – $1,799 RRP
  • 37 inch LH50 LCD HDTV – $2,199 RRP
  • 42 inch LH50 LCD HDTV – $2,999 RRP
  • 47 inch LH50 LCD HDTV – $3,499 RRP
  • 55 inch LH50 LCD HDTV – $4,499 RRP