LG’s 84 inch 4K UDTV priced for Australia: $16K gets you 8 million pixels

The future of TV is here, or at least it will be next month, with the next-generation of “Full HD” arriving with four times the resolution and a seriously gigantic screen size. Only two companies are releasing them right off the bat, but there is a pretty big price difference in between.

Previously announced at IFA in September, LG joined Sony in announcing the world’s first Ultra-Definition TVs, trouncing Full HD by offering four times the resolution in a size that is positively huge.

Proving how big it is, the 84 inch screen actually resembles four 42 inch TVs arranged together, and literally showing eight million pixels of information with the UD resolution of 3840×2160, also known as 2160p or UDTV.

The 84 inch UDTV also features passive 3D, but runs it in Full HD, compared to the HD (720p) that its regular currently available 1080p siblings exist in today.

“Consumers are looking to replicate the cinema experience at home” said Lambro Skropidis, LG Australia’s Marketing General Manager.

“LG’s UD 3D TV represents a technological breakthrough with a whole new level of home viewing experience because it offers a collection of the most advanced technology.”

Among the first of its kind, you can’t expect the TV to be cheap, as Sony’s own version has been suggested to cost over $20,000 when it’s eventually released.

To that end, LG will be making it available for $15,999 on November 19 in 30 handpicked stores across Australia.