LG’s new ezDispense washing machines promise to take the guesswork out of laundry

LG ezDispense washing machine

LG is bringing its ezDispense washing machines to Australia, designed to save time and limit hassle through automation.

Adding to the pre-existing range of washing machines from LG, the new front load models include auto-dosing technology as a major feature. Known as ezDispense, the flagship feature helps you use just the right amount of detergent for every wash. It detects the weight of each load, automatically releasing a pre-set detergent dose, removing the need for manual measurement.

Included within the washing machine’s ezDispense drawer are separate compartments for liquid detergent and fabric softener. The two can also be linked, which is meant to provide up to 35 medium washes’ worth of capacity when full. Combined with LG’s AI Direct Drive technology, ezDispense is designed to provide optimal wash settings based on a laundry load’s weight and fabric softness. Another smart feature is remote and voice control using the LG ThinQ app on a compatible mobile device.

For allergy sufferers, the new ezDispense washing machines offer an Allergy Care cycle designed to limit exposure to allergens including dust mites, pollen, and bacteria. Another wash cycle includes Wrinkle Care for easing wrinkled clothes via steam technology. TurboClean 360 is also an option for time-poor users, washing 5Kg of lightly soiled clothes in under 40 minutes.

Available now online and at retailers, the new LG ezDispense washing machines include four models, with the cheapest starting at $999.

LG ezDispense washing machine specifications

Product name12kg Series 10 Front Load Washing Machine with ezDispense® + TurboClean® 360˚10kg Series 10 Front Load Washing Machine with ezDispense® + TurboClean® 360˚10kg Series 10 Front Load Washing Machine with ezDispense® + TurboClean® 360˚9kg Series 6 Front Load Washing Machine with ezDispense®
ColourBlack SteelBlack SteelWhiteWhite

ezDispense appears to be a helpful new technology for anyone who stresses over the amount of detergent to use. For someone like me, who doesn’t pay too much attention to the clothes-vs-detergent ratio, I can still appreciate the nifty feature.

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