LG Electronics Australia have announced the launch of the LH50 LCD TV with full HD TruMotion 200Hz technology. Combined with LG’s full HD 1080p and Super IPS panel technology, TruMotion 200Hz creates clear images with true-to-life movement, even during the fastest moving on-screen action through advanced scanning backlight technology.

LG’s full HD TruMotion 200Hz technology is different from other 200Hz technologies. Others use an interpolation system which creates “new frames” between each true frame. These interpolated frames are the TV’s best guess as to what should appear. In contrast, LG’s TruMotion 200Hz employs a different approach involving frame insertions plus scanning backlight technologies. By flashing on and off, the backlight produces actual black frames between true and inserted frames therefore reducing motion blur, increasing sharpness and improving contrast levels in dark scenes.

The LH50 is designed to offer incredible picture quality straight out of the box, but also allows real enthusiasts to fine tune the picture even further. Picture Wizard, preset AV modes and 24p Real Cinema work together to optimize the LH50’s picture quality for all types of programming including sports, movies, games and more.

The LH50 is also compatible with the latest digital formats and offers an array of convenient inputs. This includes HD DivX and USB 2.0 compatibility, which make it easy to watch high resolution movies and other video downloads. Four HDMI v1.3 ports allow multiple HD or full HD sources to be connected while ensuring the highest level of clarity and compatibility.

Great sound is just as important as great picture for true viewing enjoyment. The LH50 uses LG’s unique Invisible Speaker and Clear Voice II technologies to create optimal sound quality. Audio expert Mr. Mark Levinson helped tune LG’s Invisible Speakers, which use the entire front of the TV as a sounding board, to create deep and dramatic sound without the need for unsightly speaker grilles. Clear Voice II enhances the sound of the human voice, making it easier to hear over the background noise.

LG recognizes that the way its TVs affect the environment is just as important as how they look, sound and perform which is why the LH50 includes Smart Energy Saving Plus.

The Smart Energy Saving Plus incorporates the Backlight control function, Screen-off function, Mechanical power-off and Intelligent Sensor.