LG’s new stainless steel Steam Washer and Steam Dryer

LG has launched its new stainless steel 10 kg Front Load Steam Washer (WD13050SD) and 10 kg Steam Dryer (TD-V1000S) – a new laundry range for consumers who are looking for a more hygienic wash and better drying performance in their laundry appliances.

LG is investing in its laundry range by extending its unique Steam Technology into the new Steam Washer and Steam Dryer products and revolutionising the way consumers do their laundry by providing stylish and technologically advanced appliances.

The Steam Technology featured in LG’s new Steam Washer cleans clothes gently and effectively. Ideal for allergy sufferers, the high temperature of steam minimises many allergens such as common dust mites found in clothes. For stains, water used in the washing cycle turns into vapour and then expands and fluffs up the fabric to gently loosen dirt and remove stains – so people can feel confident that their clothes have been through a thorough wash cycle.

In addition to the Steam Technology feature, the new Steam Washer also includes LG’s Allergy Care technology which has been accepted by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program. This technology has been proven to reduce common household allergens such as common dust mites by up to 99% by keeping a consistent level of temperature of up to 60 degrees for 10 minutes.

The Steam Washer also offers Steam Refresh, a 20 minute cycle which deodorises clothes that may not require a full wash or are slightly soiled. The Steam Refresh cycle uses no detergent and less than two litres of water in the drum – making it an efficient way to deodorise and refresh clothes without having to use the full wash cycle.

Both the Steam Washer and Steam Dryer feature a large 10kg capacity which is more convenient for large loads. The Steam Washer also features LG’s Direct Drive Motor, a state of the art technology that integrates the motor to the centre of the drum, eliminating the belt and pulley. This causes less vibration, frictional noise and increased durability. The Direct Drive Motor has been given a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty highlighting the company’s confidence in its washing appliances.

Both the Steam Washer and Steam Dryer also feature a wide porthole design with a transparent glass door making loading and unloading easier, especially for large, bulky clothing.

The Steam Washer has a 4.5 star water and 4 star energy rating. The Steam Dryer has 2 star energy rating.

WD13050SD Steam Washer features

  • Steam technology: To gently loosen dirt and remove stains for a cleaner wash
  • Allergy Care: Maintaining a consistent temperature level of approximately 60 degrees for ten minutes to assist in the reduction of more allergens such as common dust mites than in a conventional wash
  • Steam Refresh: A 20 minute cycle using no detergent and less than 1 litre of water that deodorises your clothes without having to expose clothes to a full wash
  • 10 Year Direct Drive Motor Warranty (2 years parts & labour + 8 years on motor part) For less vibrations, noise and greater durability
  • Large 10 kg capacity: Convenient for larger loads
  • LCD display: Providing status messages during operation
  • Pause & Add function: conveniently allows you to pause and add clothes to your wash load

TD-V1000S Steam Dryer features

  • Steam Fresh: Refreshes clothes, reduces static and reduces wrinkles
  • Flowsense: A duct/filter sensing system that detects and alerts you to blockages in the filter and ductwork to improve operating efficiency
  • Wide door: Making loading and unloading easy for bulky items
  • Large 10 kg capacity: The large drum minimises tangling of clothes and less wrinkles – resulting in easier ironing
  • Better drying performance: The dual Electrode Sensor reads the actual wetness of clothes, while the Microchip Sensor detects the humidity in the tub, proving a high quality dry performance
    * Requires a 20 amp connection

Price and availability

The Steam Washer (WD13050SD – SRP $2,999 and Steam Dryer (TD-V1000S – SRP $2,777 will be available in exclusive stockists. Pedestal accessories are available for SRP $499 each.