LG’s Objet refrigerator and freezer collection comes in lovely customisable colours

LG Objet Collection fridges
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If you’ve ever lamented the lack of colour in whitegoods, look no further: the new LG Objet collection of refrigerators and freezers are made for the modern home, featuring several different colourways to pair with interior design trends.

Included within the LG Objet range are the 617L French Door (MF-B664), 386L Single Door (MP-L386), and 324L Upright Freezer (MP-F324) products, each designed for performance as well as style. The new models features customisable colour panels ranging from Silver, Green or Black stainless steel, to Beige, Silver, Pink or Mint mist glass.

One important factor to consider if a colourful fridge or freezer is of interest: you can’t change the coloured panels yourself. In the LG Objet collection FAQ section, the company mentions that only an authorised service agent can fit new panels, and DIY is not recommended. That, and you can’t mix and match between the stainless steel and mist glass options, limiting you to the colours available in either category. To get a better idea of what each panel looks like, check out the virtual experience available on the LG website

Also made with flexibility in mind, you can combine multiple LG Objet products to create a kitchen suited to your needs. The Single Door fridge and Upright Freezer install seamlessly together, with their zero clearance hinges allowing for a snug fit into the kitchen space. Additionally, a sleek flat door design produces a built-in look, efficiently using the existing space.

Of course, performance is where it counts, and the LG Objet collection offers several food storage solutions. InstaView lets you look inside the French Door fridge without opening the physical door. Two quick knocks on the glass panel reveal the fridge’s contents, while the cold air stays inside. An LG technology called SurroundCooling also features in the French Door and Single Door units, which circulates cold air from the front and back of the fridge to help extend food freshness.

Also included in the Single Door fridge is the Moist Balance Crisper, which is designed to maintain the ideal moisture level of fruit and veggies, keeping them crisp for longer. Meanwhile, the Upright Freezer uses rear-facing Multi Air Flow vents to efficiently circulate cold air.

The LG Objet collection is available from the company’s official website, with pre-orders currently open for the French Door fridge, followed by the Single Door fridge and Upright Freezer in August.

LG Objet fridge and freezer collection details

Name617L LG Objet Collection® French Door Fridge w Customisable Panels in Green & Silver Stainless Steel386L LG Objet Collection® Single Door Fridge w Customisable Panels in Silver Stainless Steel324L LG Objet® Collection Upright Freezer w Customisable Panels in Silver Stainless Steel
AvailabilityNowAugust 2022August 2022

More colour options among otherwise monotone appliances are always welcome. Functionality should always be the first and foremost consideration, but as long as that’s covered, a little bit of style never hurts.

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