LG’s Premium OLED TV M3 Goes Wireless, HDMI plugs into separate box

LG OLED TV M3 wireless Zero Connect Box

Today at CES 2023, LG announced the brand-new LG Signature 97” OLED TV M3, which slots into the 2023 TV lineup the brand revealed prior to the show. The LG Signature range has always been LG’s crown jewel, debuting the company’s cutting-edge technology in a stylish package with premium pricing, so of course the M3 has all of the company’s latest screen innovations. But the most interesting new feature isn’t even attached to the screen – instead of plugging HDMI cables in behind the screen, the brand new Zero Connect Box can wirelessly transmit 4K, 120Hz pictures to the screen from anywhere in the room.

It’s a similar idea to the Samsung One Connect Box, which uses a single cable to convey power and signals from a box you can neatly store in a cabinet under the TV. But, by making it wireless, LG has opened up the possibilities for where in your room you can put the screen, especially given how thin the TV is when wall-mounted.

LG’s OLED TV M3 says “look Mum, no cables!”

While the exact specs of the Zero Connect Box are still unannounced, LG promises users that it will leverage “state-of-the-art technologies to provide reliable video and audio transmission” to the fancy OLED screen. The mention of 4K, 120Hz means that it’ll definitely have HDMI 2.1 compatibility for keen gamers. The Zero Connect box can also connect wirelessly to compatible sound bars, presumably for easier wall mounting.

The challenge of the Zero Connect Box will be how it manages lag, which won’t be noticeable for movies, TV shows and sports, given both the picture and sound will be coming from the same place, but could be an issue with gaming. It’s something reviewers will definitely be checking for when the time comes.

According to the announcement, the Zero Connect Box will use an algorithm that can minimise transmission errors and disruptions while recognising changes in the immediate environment, like people or animals standing between the TV and the antenna. The antenna can be adjusted to improve the signal. It’s also voice-enabled, for those moments when the remote has fallen down the back of the couch but the news is about to start.

For those who raised their eyebrows at the idea of a 97” black mirror, the announcement talks about the LG Signature OLED M3 using something called “One Wall Design”. One Wall Design uses an integrated bracket to sit flush against the wall with no visible gap. LG alludes to this as an “art gallery aesthetic”, suggesting that the TV may also be able to display art when not in use, like LG gallery TVs can.

While we haven’t been able to go hands-on with the TV yet, it has already won two CES 2023 Innovation awards (Video Display and Embedded Technology), so it seems like a gadget to look out for.

Currently, there is no pricing and release date information available for the LG Signature OLED M3 TV on the company’s website, but it seems safe to assume that the release will be sometime in the first half of the year, and the price will be a lot.

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