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A great entertainment system is one that doesn’t compromise. While audiophiles and purists refuse to settle when it comes to performance, in today’s modern lifestyles it can be just as important not to compromise on convenience.

Your entertainment solution should be tailored to fit in with how you live – not the other way around. At Audio Connection we’re experts in creating these lifestyle solutions, carefully thought-out packages that can work in the spaces you have available and match the viewing and listening habits of you and your family.

We have solutions for all your entertainment needs. We can offer music systems for small and large spaces, even ones that integrate with your iPod, storing your music collection on a hard disk instead of a CD shelf.

We can create living room systems that do double duty playing music and movies, two very different disciplines where speakers are concerned. We can recommend flexible solutions that allow you to enjoy entertainment in the house, outdoors, or out and about, and even install seemingly complex multiple-room systems, so user friendly your grandma could operate them.

We at Audio Connection also know that as your lifestyle changes, your entertainment system will need to evolve with it. Unlike some entry-level audio-visual packages that offer no upgrade path, we can start you off with an affordable combination of separate hi-fi or home cinema components, which can be added to and upgraded as your needs change or your home entertainment habit grows. Rather than disposable one-box solutions where all the components only work with each other, we can prescribe a combination of compatible products.

Audio Connection stocks the largest range of easy-to-operate, high quality products that can be matched to your home and budget, both today and in the future.

For example, if space is at a premium for you right now, we might recommend small satellite speakers that can be placed easily among your existing ornaments and decor, or even wall mounted to reduce clutter to a minimum. As your living arrangements or lifestyle change, we can offer advice on upgrading those speakers to high performance models that can be placed on stands or are free standing.

When you make your initial purchase and when you come back in to upgrade, you can be confident that you’re getting the right advice. We’ll advise you on which kind of speakers offer the best value-to-performance ratio with the amplifier you have, what size TV or projector screen is optimum for the dimensions of your room, and how well the display is matched to the performance of a DVD player, for example.

We believe home cinema should perform brilliantly whatever the shape and size of your room or budget, whether you’re playing DVDs, CDs or any other type of content. We only recommend equipment that we know works: works well for your lifestyle, works seamlessly together and will keep working perfectly for years to come. That’s the difference more than 20 years of experience makes.

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