Loewe Connect – LCD TVs that hook into your house

Recognising, albeit slightly later than everyone else, that the TV is becoming the ‘multimedia focal point in the living room’, high-end European TV manufacturer, Loewe, has released information on a new suite of high definition flat panel TVs, available in high gloss black, high gloss white and silver bezel colours, perched on aluminium stands, that will play host to all and any manner of digital networking products and connections.

Dubbed Loewe Connect, the new TVs feature resolutions of 1920 x 1080, an integrated Network Media Player, and Ethernet port and WLAN module, plus HDMI, VGI, DVI, and USB ports to accept all the digital devices their target audience of “modern, tech-savvy buyers” expect to be able to plug in.

Best of all, though, once plugged into the mains, the TVs are able to use the house’s circuit to transmit data at a rate of up to 200 M/bits per second; a claimed 70 times faster than a conventional internet connection.

Available in 32, 37 and 42 inch screen sizes for June this year, Loewe is pitching the new Connect TVs as being as much an “exclusive piece of designer furniture” as a consumer electronics device.

Pricing information will be available closer to the release date.