Logic3 and Ferrari expand collaboration, make premium more deluxe

Owners of an Italian super car – and everyone else – can now deck out their home like their automobile pride and joy, with a couple of new devices from Logic3 making their way out in time for the holiday season.

Inspired by some of the fastest cars ever made, the Ferrari audio devices made by Logic3 now include a pair of headphones with active noise cancelling, and a Bluetooth speaker dock designed to work with Apple, Android, and Windows based products.

“We’re delighted to introduce two more product ranges to the popular Ferrari by Logic3 Collection,” said Logic3’s CEO, Ashvin Patel. “Reflecting the luxury of the Ferrari by Logic3 headphones and earphones, we’ve worked meticulously with the world’s leading audio designers and the Ferrari team to create speaker docks that celebrate the style and technical excellence of Ferrari.”

The Cavallino T350 headphones stray from the red and black sporty exteriors of the cars, and stick to the insides, offering a leather and metal look, similar to the dash of the high-priced vehicles. They’re over-the-ear and feature a closed back, as well as detachable cables and a carry case to keep the headphones from looking scuffed and dirty.

Meanwhile, your old iPod dock can be replaced too, with a more Ferrari-esque interpretation in the Scuderia FS1, a 2.1 speaker dock which features an iPod dock for charging your iPhone (sorry, no Lightning from what we know), as well as Bluetooth for playback from pretty much any smartphone out there.

Unlike the Cavillino, this is a speaker dock with a design more reminiscent of the racing cars, perfect for the rev-heads out there.

Both devices should be pulling up to stores across the country soon, tempting you to spoil yourself as the Cavillino T350 headphones hit a $499 price tag, while the Scuderia FS1 dock rings in at $649 RRP.