Logitech brings a bigger Boom to portable parties in 2015

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We’ve been fans of Logitech’s UE Boom ever since we set eyes on the speaker, and our review was positive, too, but that was well over a year ago, and Logitech has something new ready.

That something that is new is a bigger Boom, or specifically, a bigger version of the Boom that Ultimate Ears and Logitech produced, called the Megaboom.

Alternatively, you could always call it the Badaboom, if you so choose, working a quote from “The Fifth Element” in there, but “Megaboom” is the name UE and Logitech have gone with.

With the word “Mega” attached, you can expect it to be bigger, and it is, also including a 20 hour rechargeable battery, around a 30 metre Bluetooth range, and support for a second speaker that can be either another Megaboom or even a regular Boom if you have one of those laying around, turning the system into a stereo speaker setup or sending the music to two locations, making it a wireless party setup similar to what multi-room audio systems can do.

One of our favourite features from the first Boom has also stuck around, with water-resistance working from IPX7 certification, meaning you can leave it by the pool and a splash won’t kill the speaker, while the skin covering the gadget is stain-resistant, too, which we’re sure is good news for people who frequently drop glasses of red wine.

“People want their music wherever they go, and to be part of everything they do,” said Rory Dooley, General Manager of Ultimate Ears. “That’s why we designed UE Megaboom to be strong enough to withstand your life and your adventures, and allow you to share the magic of music wherever you go.”

We haven’t heard an official price or availability date in Australia, but we do know it should land in countries around the world this month, and there are rumblings that Logitech and Ultimate Ears will be launching products locally later this month, so we think we know what that launch will include (hint: it’s probably going to be this speaker).