Logitech gives you a reason to replace your remote

While smartphones are beginning to invade the space of the television remote, most devices just don’t come close, and if you’ve been looking for a next-gen equivalent, Logitech thinks it has the answer.

Two new devices are on their way to stores, continuing Logitech’s Harmony long-running line of universal remote controls.

The first of these is the new top of the line model, the $379.95 Harmony Ultimate, a button-based remote control that also packs in a 2.4 inch colour touchscreen so you can quickly work out what you want to watch with a swipe of the finger. Philips Hue lights are also compatible, meaning you can control more than just your amp and TV, with the WiFi lightbulb also supported here.

Logitech's Smart Remote on the left, with the Ultimate on the right.

Logitech’s second remote – the Harmony Smart Control – comes in at around half the price ($169.95), but ditches the LCD screen, offering up only buttons, but much of the same connectivity.

That connectivity includes an app available on iPhone, iPad, and Android, meaning more phones than just the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and the upcoming LG G2 will be able to control a TV.

Both new remotes include the Harmony Ultimate and the Harmony Smart Control, both featuring the “Harmony Hub,” a small shiny black extender (below) that connects to IR-less devices like the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii using Bluetooth and switches them on.

The new Harmony range is heading to stores now, where you should be able to find them from JB HiFi.