Logitech M238, a mischief of mice shows true football colours

Logitech M238

The Logitech M238 Fan collection is a mischief (a.k.a. horde) of mice showing your favourite countries football (to be clear Soccer) colours. Go on – be a patriot.

And if football and all sport bore you, please don’t read on.

The Logitech M238 Fan Collection Wireless Mice lets you show your true colours and support your favourite country’s football team. With the Logitech Fan Collection, you can join the excitement and show your football pride even while you are working, whether you’re cheering for Spain, England, Brazil or Australia.

Emotions are high for this year’s global football games, and fans want to show off their national pride and true colours,” said Damian Lepore, Managing Director of Logitech ANZ.

“The 2018 Fan Collection takes one of our most popular selling mice, the M328, and gives you a way to root for your team while working and supporting your favourite national team.”

The boring stuff of no interest to football fanatics – geeks only need read on

  • Based on the M238 wireless mouse – a consumer grade mouse used for its ‘collection’ series
  • 3-button plus scroll wheel
  • Logitech Optical tracking 1000 dpi (no mouse ball)
  • 12 months battery life using one AA battery
  • Logitech Nano USB-A 2.4GHz receiver included (locked to the mouse) 10-metre range
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Chrome, Linux and any HID compatible device (Android tablets and some smart TVs)
  • 95x57x39 mm – comfortable hand fit
  • One-year warranty
  • $24.95 JB HI-FI from mid-June
  • Australia: PN: 910-005411
  • England: PN: 910-005407
  • Germany: PN: 910-005409
  • Argentina: PN: 910-005405
  • Brazil: PN: 910-005406
  • Spain: PN: 910-005408
  • France: PN: 910-005410

GadgetGuy has used the Logtiech M238 mouse in both office and home environments.

In consumer use, they are not expensive and provide years of service. I especially like the rubber grip pads on each side.

In commercial use count on at least 12 months of heavy use. We found the rubber slider pads on the bottom tended to wear. When they are wafer thin, the mouse stops being useful.