Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard makes a satisfying click

Logitech MX Mechanical

All keyboards were once mechanical. Now, most are ‘chicklet’ style. Mechanical models have individual keys will a larger keystroke depth and make a satisfying ‘click’ when pressed. Chicklet keys, on the other hand, are part of a membrane of switches and make much less noise.

While silent tapping can be beneficial to others around you, there is something about a mechanical keyboard’s reassuring click. Perhaps all that sound makes it seem like you’re getting more work done?

I’ve typed on trusty mechanical keyboard until the letters A and S rubbed off. It’s my daily drive, and the kind I prefer. That’s why I was excited to take Logitech’s MX Mechanical keyboard for a spin.

What’s new?

The Logitech MX mechanical is a wireless keyboard with illuminated keys. It uses low-power Bluetooth to connect to your devices to maximise time between recharges. As expected, there’s a sturdy design, and each keystroke has a reassuring feel and sound.

The MX mechanical can switch between three devices, whether PCs, a tablet, or even a smart TV. The keyboard functions and symbols will also equally support a PC or Mac.

The keyboard has 24 shortcut keys that help boost productivity. Microphones can be muted, PCs locked, video fast-forwarded or snips instantly activated. If the predetermined keys don’t suit, you can customise the keys to perform other shortcut tasks.

Picture of keyboard
Logitech MX Mechanical

A step up

It took me longer to get the keyboard out of the box than to set up it, and it instantly felt better than my old faithful for a keyboard. What had I been missing all this time?

If you could be more productive by typing and activating functions faster, would that be worth spending $270? The Logitech MX mechanical keyboard was a surprise as I did not believe it would have such an impact on my productivity. As I write this article, I’m typing faster and performing shortcuts with ease.

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