Logitech preps a pint-sized speaker for sound on the go

If your phone doesn’t produce enough volume to start a party from, and you need stacks of sound without spending, Logitech may have an answer in a $60 speaker.

Destined to sit in the backpack until you need to blast some tunes, Logitech’s X100 is a small speaker arriving in several colours, and with a rechargeable battery capable of drawing power from the same microUSB standard that most smartphones rely on.

“We engineered the Logitech X100 Mobile Speaker to deliver an intuitive connect-and-play experience,” said Marcus Fry, Managing Director of Logitech Australia.

“Its compact design lets you take it anywhere you go and it’s easy to wirelessly stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled device.”

Playing back music is just one of the things the X100 does, as the tiny speaker includes a microphone built in for hand-free phone calls, too.

We’re told the lithium-ion battery inside should make the music last for around five hours, but we’ll let you know when we review the X100 speaker shortly.

If you can’t wait, though, and $60 is no problem, you’ll find the Logitech X100 in stores by the end of January.