Logitech Z-2300

Hitting a sweet spot for price and performance, but at the expense of style, is the Z-2300. Sure, the system might look like something from the set of Doctor Who, but it does pack a not-unimpressive 200 watts of power.
This puts it in the same power league as more expensive systems, but its price keeps the Z-2300 in the realms of the a modest budget.

The subwoofer is quite large and definitely needs to be stashed out of the way under the table. The cable for the volume module isn’t quite long enough for perfect flexibility of placement, and the thickness of the cord makes keeping the light module flat on the desk a bit of a fiddle.

But the subwoofer cabinet is sturdy and the driver has an eight inch throw, so bass from this unit is quite impressive for a 2.1 system. It’s a shame there aren’t more inputs on the back, but Logitech does include cabling for your games console.

Really, the only failing of this unit is in its style. The spray-painted silver look just doesn’t stack up against more expensive systems, but Logitech seems to have found a market for speakers that look like this.

Certainly if you close your eyes, the results the Z-2300 produces are very pleasing, especially for only $300.

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