Logitech Z-5 omnidirectional speakers for PC and Mac computers

Attaching speakers to a PC has always improved on the sound quality of built-in PC speakers. But now, Logitech introduces the next evolution in PC-speaker acoustics, unveiling the Logitech Z-5 omnidirectional stereo speakers – for PC and Mac computers – which deliver great sound throughout your room.

Unlike standard PC speakers that focus sound in one direction, the Logitech Z-5 speakers use omnidirectional acoustics that create a substantially wider sweet spot – an especially helpful feature if you often move your laptop around your home or office. An innovative speaker technology previously found only in expensive home-theatre systems, omnidirectional acoustics on the Logitech Z-5 speakers use forward and backward firing drivers to transmit sound evenly in all directions. Whether you’re listening to your favourite song or watching a video on YouTube, you’ll enjoy rich, articulate sound and minimal distortion – from every corner of your room.

Delivering pure digital audio that’s easily moved with your laptop, the Z-5 omnidirectional speakers can be quickly connected to any PC or Mac via USB. There’s no need for an external power adaptor or batteries. And to let you wirelessly navigate and enjoy all your entertainment options, Logitech’s newest speaker system comes with a sleek remote control, which you can use to launch your favourite entertainment application, adjust the volume or change your selection from across the room.

Pricing and availability

The Logitech Z-5 omnidirectional stereo speakers will be available in Australia in November for a suggested retail price of $199.95.

Source: Logitech