Lost – season 5 on Blu-ray

The 5th season of the labyrinthine TV show Lost is released on Blu-ray on December 2, and along with the episodes and extras, the BD-Live component of the Blu-ray technology will get you access to Lost University.

Lost University begins on December 8, which you can access via the BD-Live feature of your internet-enabled Blu-ray player. Once enrolled you can take classes which purport to take an academic view of concepts touched on in the show, including Science, History, Philosophy, Art, Language Studies and more. Subjects include:

  • Physics of time travel
  • History family psychology
  • Languages of Lost
  • Jungle survival basics
  • Deciphering hieroglyphics

All of which might help you unravel some of the mysteries of the show in the first 5 seasons, and give you a taste of what’s in store for the sixth season.

And if you graduate, and are one of the first 108 to do so, you’ll receive a hand-signed diploma from LOST University Presidents, series creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. You can find a preview of Lost University at www.lostuniversity.org

What happens in Lost season 5? Well, I could adapt a line from ‘The Big Chill’ and say that the man in the khaki shirt did something terrible, or I could just tell you that the disc contains all the episodes, plus the following bonus features:

  • Mysteries of the universe
  • An epic day with Richard Alpert
  • Building 23 and beyond
  • Lost starter kit
  • Lost’s 100th episode
  • Lost bloopers
  • Lost on location
  • Deleted scenes
  • Audio commentaries


The 5-disc Lost season 5 on Blu-ray has an RRP of $109.95.

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  • Lost Season 2 (7-Disc Box-set) – $109.95
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  • Also launching 2 December 2009 – Lost Season 3 (7-Disc Box-set) – $109.95