Lowepro introduces a bag for lightweight lens cameras

Cameras can be heavy, especially when carried over long distances, and you generally don’t want to throw an expensive interchangeable lens camera in any bag you own. Lowepro has come up with a solution, however, and it’s sure not to tax the shoulder, nor the wallet.

Designed to take either a small DSLR or a compact system camera kit, the Lowepro Photo Sport Shoulder bag is a pouch sling bag that you can throw over your shoulder and carry a full day’s worth of gear easily without fear of stressing the neck.

Inside the bag is Lowepro’s removable “PhotoCell” section, which not only lets you pack in the camera quickly, but also allows you to relocate the camera to any part of the bag – front, middle, back – depending on how you want to carry it.

Or, if you’re not carrying a camera, you can even remove the PhotoCell section altogether, and bring anything else with you, turning the bag into a one that can work with anything designed to fit in the size provided.

The fabrics used in this bag are designed to be light, weather-resistant, and comfortable, and the Photo Sport Shoulder bag will be available in either a 12 or 18 litre model, with pricing set to $89 and $109 respectively.