Lowepro slips in with a new camera-carrying messenger and sling

Camera bags can often be big and heavy, and when you add a tablet or laptop, your shoulders can ache even more. While we can’t tell you what to take out, one suggestion to alleviate this is to reduce your gear, forcing you to minimise your load, to streamline, and that’s where some new bags are coming in.

Geared at the casual photographers that take a bit of gear and a tablet with them, Lowepro’s StreamLine range of bags is aimed at people who want to do just what the name says: streamline their gear.

Designer for the essential camera, smartphone, tablet, and a couple more personal items, three models are being released, depending on how much streamlining you plan on doing.

Lowepro's StreamLine 250

First there’s the 150 and 250, which are differing sizes of shoulder bag with the 250 holding a touch more, and then there’s the StreamLine Sling, which is like a backpack but only with one strap.

This model joins Lowepro’s growing range of sling bags which are worn over one shoulder with the pack at the back, but can be quickly manoeuvred to the front making it possible to pull camera out of the side quickly and easily.

“The StreamLine series is the ideal bag for photographers who tend to carry a wide range of tech equipment, along with their trusty DSLR,” said Brendan Lee, Marketing Manager for Maxwell International Australia, the company that brings Lowepro’s gear into the country.

A wide range of colours isn’t something you’ll find in the StreamLine range, however, with only “slate grey” available.

If that doesn’t bother you, Maxwell sends word that the bags are hitting camera stores now for $59.95 for the 150, $69.95 for the 250, and $79.95 for the Sling.

Lowepro's StreamLine Sling