Lunch time gets sorted with a real life Lion King moment

If you’re struggling to do something during lunch, a real life moment from The Lion King just might do it, though you won’t have to get out the tissues because lions won’t be losing their lives.

The wildebeest scene in The Lion King is probably one of the more heartfelt moments of the movie, and while it’s the part where (spoiler alert) Simba’s father runs into problems, it is based on a real life event: the migration of wildebeest moving in large numbers across the Maasai Mara national park.

Now for the first time, the real life wildebeest migration is actually something you can tune into, almost as if it were its own TV show, with video being streamed live through Periscope and YouTube Live.

Lots of wildebeest.

The event is being streamed by wildebeest trackers with photos being updated on a regular basis, as well as an interactive map that is constantly seeing changes made, while Africa’s tourism groups — Discover Africa and Make It Kenya — have come together with the Herd Tracker team to make this a reality.

For the rest of this week, the wildebeest will be appearing live on the internet as they run across the Maasai Mara in 10 to 20 minute broadcasts able to be accessed on a range of devices with live commentary from safari experts.

One useful thing is that this little nature exploration is free, so if you needed something to watch over lunch that made you feel 10,000 kilometres away from home, this might be it, and there’s no risk of being caught inside the stampede, so you should be good to finish that mouthful, too.