Lust-have home

Got some filthy lucre so you can adorn your home with super swish gear? Got a new kitchen or bathroom to fill with the latest tech, perhaps? Is a renovation imminent with a dreamy budget? has seen some seriously fun and good looking gadgetry for kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces lately. Go on, ignore the price tags! You know you want to!

For starters there’s a shower that lights up with LED lighting when you step into it. It’s water efficient, too, with no water-wasting guilt thrown in. Even fridges have sex appeal, as we discovered with the US-made Sub Zero models.

Have you discovered induction cooking? The design of the Smeg induction wok cooktop and the Scholtés Multiplo induction system have to be seen to be believed – with induction technology that’s extremely quick, efficient and safe.

For people who have disdain for kitchen clutter there’s a rangehood that slinks its way into the benchtop (rather than hovering over you) as you cook, steering cooking odours away from dishes.

Don’t forget to explore the guitar-shaped custom barbecue made in Western Australia. If you can dream up a barbecue design it can be built for you and the manufacturer will even provide a 3D graphic of the design so you can picture it in your outdoor dining setting.

Dream no more, because all of this is available now. Just open your wallets and enjoy!