Lynx makes the BBQ listen to you with a “smart grill”

These days, if you want to make any gadget sound like it’s modern, you add the word “smart” to it. Smartphone. Smart watch. Smart TV. This week, you can add smart grill to that list.

An American company has found a way to make a grill station listen to your commands, lessening your need to stand over the food and watch it carefully.

To do this, the Lynx Smart Grill brings together a gas grilling station with voice technology, connecting to a WiFi network and asking you what you want cooked. Once the grill works out how you want your food prepared, it will work out the time needed as well as technique, and tell you where to put the food, with the Smart Grill telling you when it’s done, or needs to be flipped.

Safety is also included, as the Smart Grill will shut down if it doesn’t hear spoken instructions after half an hour.

“Grilling is a challenge where timing and temperature are critical, and a little direction and extra care can be the difference between a grand meal and big disappointment,” said Jim Buch, CEO of Lynx Grills.

“Our new Lynx Smart Grill eliminates the guesswork and enables our customers to enjoy family and friends, and expertly grilled food.”

Unfortunately, the Lynx Smart Grill is just a prototype right now, but Lynx is working on a proper release model for this concept.

Hopefully we’ll see it in Australia, as there are places selling Lynx BBQs locally, and this is one device we really, really, really want to see.