Our smartphones can do so much these days. They can order pizza, check our bank balance, and even control cameras from afar. One of the most advanced cameras in the world is joining in with that last one, with the refocusing technology of the Lytro now able to be controlled from an iPhone.

Camera geeks and photo enthusiasts are still coming to grips with what the Lytro can do: it’s a camera that doesn’t just take a snapshot in two dimensions, but rather a section of space and time, capturing the entire “light-field” and allowing you to decide on the focus spot later on.

We checked it out when it first hit Australia and last year, and while the design of the box was a little awkward, the technology inside is still very impressive, melting brains with its ability to create interactive photography that up until now has only really worked on web browsers.

That changes from today with the release of an iOS app, a piece of software that makes it possible for any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch owner to explore publicly available photo-streams and see the refocusing world that Lytro has created.

“Mobile sharing of photos is universal and Lytro Mobile now offers the kind of desktop-free convenience people are accustomed to having,” said Lytro’s Founder Ren Ng.

“We have taken a complex technology and made it accessible through an app that is easy to use for both sharing and viewing light field pictures.”

That’s not all the app can do. There’s more, and it’s actually quite sneaky, but very cool, nonetheless.