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Tim Cook announced a new MacBook and updates to the MacBook Air range and 13in MacBook Pro at its Spring Forward event in San Francisco.

Named just the ‘MacBook’, Apple’s latest addition to the family has a 12 inch display and full edge-to-edge cover glass. And if you thought that the 11-inch MacBook Air was thin, the new MacBook is an amazing 24 percent thinner measuring just 13.1mm at its thickest point. It’s also very light at 920 grams.

Undeniably pretty in rose gold.

Undeniably pretty in rose gold.

Screen-wise, there are 2,304 x 1,440 pixels, so it’s technically a ‘Retina’ display, and the panel is just 8.8mm thin, which is the slimest display ever made for a Macbook.

Apple has also re-imagined the keyboard and uses a new ‘butterfly mechanism’ to centre the movement of key presses, making them more stable, allowing for a much thinner design. Also, a single LED is dedicated to each key, providing better illumination.

The newly designed keyboard with a 'butterfly mechanism' is amazingly thin.

The newly designed keyboard with a ‘butterfly mechanism’ is amazingly thin.

In addition, the new MacBook has a completely redesigned ‘Force Touch’ trackpad, with 4 ‘force’ sensors and a haptic engine to provide feedback to your clicking.

The new touchpad comes with a new gesture called a ‘force-click’ that automatically brings up a context sensitive function. It’s sort of like a ‘right-click’ but is based on pressure. For example, when fast forwarding a video, the deeper you press the track pad, the faster the video plays.

The new MacBook Air has a unibody structure, so it’s designed to be quite sturdy despite its small size. There are no fans or vents used inside, which is a first ever for Apple, so it’s designed to run quietly and very cooly.

The 12-inch retina display features edge to edge glass.

The 12-inch retina display features edge to edge glass.

There’s an aluminium hinge between the keyboard base and screen, rather than plastic one, making this the first all-metal MacBook.

Colour wise, there are three to choose from, including space grey, silver and rose gold.

Inside, the unit is powered by a low voltage dual-core Intel Core M, 14nm processor, running at 1.1 to 1.2GHz, depending on the model, and Intel HD Graphics 5300 graphics.

In terms of wireless connectivity, the latest Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi are supported.

Your choice of colours.

Your choice of colours.