By Valens Quinn

I’m at the MacWorld Keynote speech, minutes before the presentation is about to begin. There’s wild speculation on the floor about what may be announced. Here’s what some of the rumours are:

  • A new Apple TV
  • A new Mini Mac
  • A new iPhone the size of a Nano
  • A ‘netbook’ sized mac, although many don’t think this will happen

What will be revealed? Sit close to your computer as I’ll be covering the show live with the news right from the keynote floor!


Well, first off, it’s not Steve Jobs doing the presenting. Wild rumours about his health mean he’s probably not going to be attending, but we’ll see if he makes a surprise appearance on stage before the show is out. He’s using one of his VPs instead, Phil Schiller, who has kicked things off with a roundup of some of the new Apple stores that opened last year. A photo of Sydney’s new store opening got a big cheer from the crowd, and trumped the face time given to the store openings in China and Munich.

So, what’s new…

iLife 09

Lots of enhancements to Apple’s popular suite of tools including:

iPhoto 09: In iPhoto 09, you can use the new Faces feature to manage and track people. Uses ‘Face Detection’ which can find faces in the photo, which you can then ‘name’. A summary of your ‘Faces’ is where you can view the different people you name. iPhoto then uses Face Recognition to try and find your ‘faces’ in your library of photos. You can help train the Face Recognition to make it more acc urate – as it’s not perfect – but Apple says it’s the best of its kind.

iPhoto 09 has a new ‘Places’ feature to help you mange and organise where your photos were taken. It uses the geographical data (GeoTags) found in your photos to place them as ‘pins’ in a map view mode. This feature uses Google Maps data and Street View to locate them anywhere in the world. For those who don’t have a camera that applies Geo Tags, you can also enter this manually.

Also FaceBook and Flicker Tools are now built in so you can easily upload these photos to your photo sharing tools.

Slideshow enhancements have also been included and Geotag data has been used to add maps to your photo albums.

iMovie 09: Added more ‘depth and power’ and many usability improvements.

A precision editor adds far more accuracy. Mixing audio and video is easier to do now as well. There is also an advanced drag and drop mode.

The new automatic motion stabalisation feature to remove shaky filming. It looks pretty good as well – and relies on comparing frames of action and figuring out how to remove the movement of like content from frame to frame.