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GadgetGuy’s take. Made by Google is a good thing for us all

This ‘Made by Google’ move is about both Google’s survival and in many ways a subtle threat that a bloody war will be waged with any interlopers on its turf.

Survival in that Google relies on thousands of third parties to use its software products as intended.

Android has now become the main mobile OS with about 90% of all handsets using it. iOS is not really a fierce competitor – it has about 10% and survives because Apple was first to market with the iPhone and do such a good job marketing its iOS ecosystem to those who can afford it.

No, the threat comes from the world’s largest smartphone maker Samsung that could use its Tizen OS and Bixby to cripple Android and Google Assistant’s dominance. That is unlikely to happen (app issues alone), and these, and other smartphone companies have learned to play well together.

Then there is the ambitious move to get Chrome into the ‘desktop’ world. Chrome will gain market share (it has less than 1% now), but Windows has 90% and macOS 10%. Here Cortana and Siri rule the voice assistant world and Google wants a piece of that pie too.

In fact, there is a Google app on Windows Store that allows basic Google Assistant access. But its somewhat limited as Microsoft has Cortana, Edge and Bing and gets significant advertising revenue from that too.

Thn there is a real threat that Amazon Alexa could grab serious market share.

I’m not a fan of Google’s business model – collection of personal data to build personal advertising profiles. But I suppose in this always connected world it is inevitable, and at least you can enable privacy features fairly easily.