Magellan builds a GPS for a bicycle built for one

Well this is an interesting week, isn’t it, with two cycling gadgets coming to our attention. Different from the iPhone 5 cycle kit we saw earlier on, GPS maker Magellan has announced three units designed specifically for bicycles.

“There are more than 2.85 million people cycling in Australia, so we wanted to design a dedicated, feature laden and affordable device to help cyclists track, measure, monitor and analyse every ride,” said Magellan’s Wendy Hammond.

Magellan Cyclo 100

The products designed for this purpose sit in the Cyclo series of products, and includes sensor technology useful for measuring riding time, speed, calories, distance travelled, and even the altitude.

Magellan has equipped a battery capable of turning out up to 18 hours of life, while the casing of the units are ruggedised and feature an IPX7-class water-resistant casing, which is useful, since there is a 1.8 inch antiglare screen for you to read everything you need as you ride.

“The Cyclo range is an ideal everyday training partner for all types of cycling including road and mountain biking,” said Hammond. “It’s as simple as putting in a desired speed, time or distance and the Cyclo will alert the rider if they are not on track.”

Three models are being made available from the Cyclo series, with the Cyclo 100 being the barebones model for $149, the Cyclo 105 coming with support for wireless ANT+ technology for $179, and the Cyclo 105HC featuring everything from the previous model but also adding in a heart-rate monitor and cadence/speed sensor kit for $279.

Magellan’s Cyclo range will be hitting stores at the end of April.

Magellan Cyclo 105