Making the most of widescreen

While you might have a widescreen TV, without setting it up right you may not be getting your money?s worth. By Valens Quinn.

So you went out and bought yourself a widescreen television. Widescreen is great for seeing movies without loosing any of the picture, and there is quite a bit of regular television that?s available in widescreen format. However, to enjoy the benefits of a widescreen television, you need to ensure that it?s set up properly, otherwise you might find yourself staring at TV shows with people that have rather wide faces and bodies.

To start with, it?s important to understand that the content that you play on your 16:9 widescreen TV may or may not be filmed in 16:9. If it?s not designed to be shown in widescreen natively, your TV may stretch 4:3-sized images to 16:9, which puts things out of proportion, and generally looks terrible. There are a couple of ways to ensure that your TV is tuned to do the right thing with both widescreen and non-widescreen images. If this is done properly, shows that are in 4:3 mode won?t fill up your entire screen, but will retain the proper aspect, and not appear distorted.