McAfee Internet Security Suite?2007



Windowss 98, ME, XP and 2000


$99.95 (RRP)




  • McAfeee VirusScann

Automatically protects your PC, email, attachments, downloads and network from viruses, mass-mailing worms and backdoor Trojans whenever you go online. Fast anti-virus updates ensure your protection stays current. Now with more efficient email scanning of larger files.

  • McAfee Personal Firewall Plus

Helps block hackers, identity thieves and malicious code from robbing personal data, hijacking your system (often to send spam) or planting malicious code that can compromise your privacy over dial-up, DSL or cable connections. Now with enhanced intrusion detection and fast set-up assistant.

  • McAfee SpamKillerr

Automatically recognises and helps stop junk email-including credit card “phishing scams,” virus hoaxes and foreign language spam-from polluting your inbox. Regular anti-spam filter updates ensure the latest protection against spammers. Now with enhanced spam detection technology, Personal Filter Editor and Whitelisting.

  • McAfee Privacy Service

Helps shield individual family members from offensive content (e.g., websites, newsgroups), online stalkers and inappropriate chat, thanks to age-specific Parental Controls and easy-to-use filtering options.

  • Identity Protection

Helps secure personal identification and financial information (e.g., name, phone, credit card, bank account numbers) from accidental transmission over the Internet without your permission.

  • Spyware/Adware Detection and Removal

Helps catch and delete potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) hiding on your PC that can steal log-ins and passwords (key-loggers), hijack your dial-up connection (web diallers) or track your online surfing (adware).

  • Pop-Up Blocking

Helps eliminate annoying web advertising that not only slows your surfing but also tracks your browsing habits for advertisers.

  • McAfee Shredder

Securely erases confidential files, folders and email for increased privacy and protection from desktop thieves.

Source: McAfee