Me and my mobile – Giaan Rooney


Q: What is the best thing about your mobile?
A: Because I am very rarely at home I use it a lot to stay in touch by email. When I fill in on the Today Show doing the weather, for example, you travel a lot to country towns. We get the brief about the next day?s segment by email the night before. So rather than taking a laptop everywhere, which is not easy given airport security, or looking for a hotel business centre late at night when I am really tired, the email?s right there on my mobile!

Q: Can you imagine life without your mobile?
A: No. I don?t know what we did without them. And now that I don?t really work 9-5 in an office, I would be uncontactable without it!


Q: Aside from your phone, what?s your favourite gadget, and why?
A: My iPod was my favourite but now it drives me nuts with its short battery life.

Q: What?s the best photo you ever took on your phone?
A: I once took a shot of the actor John Wood and myself in front of The Big Strawberry for a Telstra blog.

Q: What are your favourite websites?
A: I was addicted to eBay for a while. Now I have a little cottage and every time I need a plumber or an electrician I use the Yellow or the White Pages.

Q: Aside from your own, what are your favourite TV shows?
A: I love 60 Minutes, Getaway and Grey?s Anatomy.

Q: What do you wish your phone could do that it cannot do now?
A: I wish my phone could send out vibrations or wake me up naturally instead of using an alarm!

Source: Australian GO magazine