Me and my mobile – St Kilda’s Luke Ball

St Kilda AFL star Luke Ball uses his phone to keep a handle on his busy schedule, and he’s pretty handy on the keypad!

Q: What kind of phone do you have?

A: At the moment I have the Nokia 6120 Classic, which is one of my all-time favourites. It’s not too big, not too small and you always know it’s on you. It fits in the jeans nicely and I am very happy with it!

Q: How do you use your phone?

A: I’m a huge “texter” and really like sending text messages. In fact, I prefer to text rather than call. I like the convenience of it and can usually get the message across even though text messages are short. It’s also easy to send a text: I’ve become pretty quick on the keypad!

Q: Any tips for increasing texting speed?

A: Practice makes perfect! I can almost do it without looking these days, but the predictive text feature can sometimes be a bit annoying if it does not know the word you want to type.

Q: Does your phone help you to write your blog?

A: Whenever I can, I remember to use the camera in the phone to make pictures for my blog ( I should probably do it more often.

Q: Does the phone have any role in football?

A: It sure does. It gets pretty busy down at the club and the schedule can change at the last minute sometimes. This week the coach decided to change the training venue and before I packed up and went to the other ground, there was a message waiting to go.Sending bulk messages like that is really useful because you can’t call more than one person at once!

Q: How else do you use your phone?

A: I use the BigPond features a fair bit. When I am out of range and do not have a TV or radio handy, I’ll use it to check scores from other games, or scores in other sports too, like cricket or tennis.

Q: We understand you’re looking for some new mobile games, too?

A: That’s right! In the pre-season I was getting acupuncture and you have to lie there for 15 or 20 minutes with the needles in you without moving. The only thing I had to play with was my phone and I found a game called “Marble Canon”. It got a bit addictive and I finished the game. Now I need Marble Cannon 2.0 so I can move on to that one!

Source: Australian GO magazine