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This DeLonghi toaster merges function with funk. Its titanium look is based on 1950s retro style and it features curves with funky buttons and dials.┬áThe toaster’s finish is not only great to look at but it is easy to clean, marks less easily than the popular stainless steel models and is relatively cool to touch after toasting. A removable crumb tray at the back of the toaster allows for easy cleaning.


The toaster is incredibly easy to use with all of its functionality (buttons, settings and levers) in the one spot. Although a manual is probably not needed, everything is explained in simple language within three pages. This toaster?s functionality is very good but the buttons and levers don?t seem very sturdy. This could be a problem if the toaster is getting a good workout from a busy family.


Inserting bread is intuitive, and the slots take a variety of depths and widths, making toasting crumpets and muffins a breeze. The six setting dial also helps create a good range of browning on a variety of breads such as normal and thick sliced, crumpets and English muffins. However, the slots didn?t seem quite deep enough for long slices of bread that would come from a round loaf. And crumpets needed double the time to get a good toast.

Besides this, the toaster delivered a good even brown toasting despite the type of bread. This is due to the toaster?s self-adjusting bread grips that centre each slice for consistent results. The defrost function also delivered a good toasting, while ensuring the bread inside was defrosted and warm.

The handy reheat feature seemed to do its job but needed a double firing to remake a toasty warm piece of bread. The lever has a useful lift function that allows the easy removal of small slices without burning fingers. This is particularly useful for crumpets and English muffins. This functionality is not labelled on the toaster so it is more of an intuitive action discovered during use.


If a funky look is important, then this toaster is the ticket. It is very easy to use and the quality of its toast is excellent. Keeping this model clean is also very easy – a must around sticky little fingers.

Reviewer: Trina Tune

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Very easy to clean, simple to use, fairly cool to touch after bread has been toasted
Not very sturdy looking, cord is quite short so the toaster needs to be close to a power outlet