Electric and hybrid MG vehicles now cheaper in Australia

MG4 Australia price change
Image: MG Motor Australia.

One of the cheapest electric vehicles in Australia is now even more affordable, following recent price changes to MG Motor’s fleet, including the MG4 EV range.

First arriving in Australia last year, the MG4 Excite 51 hatchback was briefly the cheapest EV before the BYD Dolphin Dynamic landed soon after. Now, MG Motor Australia has adopted a drive-away pricing model nationally across its EVs.

Instead of potentially paying thousands of dollars in on-road costs on top of the listed price, it’s a much more streamlined cost. In addition to removing on-road costs, MG has dropped the price of many of its cars in Australia.

For cars like the HS Plus EV hybrid SUV, the discount is up to $5,000. Depending on your state and associated on-road costs, you could be saving roughly $1,500 on stamp duty when buying an MG4 EV under the new drive-away structure.

The timing of the announcement coincides with the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard recently tabled by the Federal Government. The legislation aims to reduce carbon emissions from passenger vehicles, which was amended to loosen restrictions on larger cars.

MG4 and more cars now cheaper in Australia

When the MG4 Excite 51 launched last year, it initially retailed for $38,990 before on-road costs. Since then, it increased slightly to $39,990, but under the drive-away pricing, the EV now carries a flat price tag across each state.

Electric vehicle ownership is on the rise, making 8.45% of new car sales in Australia, as affordability and charging infrastructure improve. It also helps that there are many more cars to choose from besides the popular Tesla models, including the upcoming Cupra Born VZ.

Here’s how much MG’s EV range now costs in Australia, including the MG4, with the revised drive-away pricing:

  • MG4 51kWh Excite (2023): $39,990
  • MG4 64kWh Excite (2023): $44,990
  • MG4 64kWh Essence (2023): $46,990
  • MG4 64kWh Essence (2023): $52,990
  • XPOWER (2023): $59,990
  • ZS EV Excite: $39,990
  • ZS EV Essence: $42,990
  • ZS EV Long Range: $46,990

As for MG’s petrol and hybrid vehicles, the new prices are as follows:

  • MG3 Core (2023): $18,990
  • MG3 Core (Nav) (2023): $19,490
  • MG3 Excite (Nav) (2023): $19,990
  • ZS Excite (2023): $22,990
  • ZST Core (2023): $25,490
  • ZST Vibe (2023): $26,490
  • ZST Excite (2023): $29,490
  • ZST Essence (2023): $30,490
  • HS Vibe (2023): $29,990
  • HS Excite (2023): $31,990
  • HS Essence (2023): $33,990
  • HS Essence AWD (2023): $36,990
  • HS Plus EV Excite (incl. metallic) (2022): $43,690
  • HS Plus EV Essence (incl. metallic) (2022): $46,690

We’re currently compiling the former prices of all impacted MG models in Australia and will update this article to reflect the changes.

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