Miami Nights: Singles in the City heading to Nintendo DS

Ubisoft, is to publish Miami Nights: Singles in the City?, a groundbreaking social simulation developed by Gameloft, for Nintendo DS? taking advantage of the Nintendo DS Stylus and wireless communications of the handheld. The game is based on the successful Gameloft Nights franchise on mobile which has generated more than 4 million downloads. The game will be released in November 2007.

Miami Nights: Singles in the City? offers tremendous advances and new features over and beyond any social simulation game currently available on Nintendo DS?. Players will benefit from an unprecedented feeling of freedom, massive customization options, and longer multiple-goal scenarios.

Players will be able to sample a life of dreams, glamour, or trash! Life choices will transform their characters into unique, progressive individuals and ultimately help a player reach the game?s final objective of becoming a star.

Features of the game include:  

  • The player can create the character in his image: aspects, unique look and feel, stats, customization of his own place in Miami.
  • Three ways to succeed: becoming a top model, a singer, an actor.
  • Player can go wherever he wants in Miami and interact with anyone in more than 30 locations
  • Lots of mini-games, including shaving, make-up, dishwashing, waiter, ice-cream maker featuring the use of the Nintendo DS stylus
  • Multiplayer features: player can share his character & his characteristics with his friend via wireless multiplayer technology

Source: Ubisoft