Microsoft adds a number and Surface gets a sequel

There have been four iPads thus far, and up until Apple announced the iPad 3 as the new iPad, they were named with numbers in mind. We’re not sure if Microsoft is thinking along the same lines, but we’ll see, as it has announced two new Surface tablets.

Fresh news from Microsoft a puddle away, and the news is good if you’re keen to get a tablet sporting Windows 8.1, as the maker of Windows will be bringing new Surface tablets to Australia from October 21.

Just like last year, there will be two, with Surface 2 running the ARM edition of Windows RT, while the more computer-based edition – Surface Pro 2 – will come with the full edition of Windows 8.1.

On the tablet side of things, Surface 2 is being updated to include a 1080p Full HD screen, a Tegra 4 processor, more battery life, support for USB 3.0, thinner design, and an upgraded kickstand.

The thinner design and new kickstand have also been brought over to the new Surface Pro, and the speeds have also increased thanks to the inclusion of Intel’s fourth-generation Core i5 processors, as well as up to 512GB of solid-state storage.

There will also be some new accessories, and one of them definitely has our attention, as joining the touchcovers will be a music-based touchcover that Linkin Park has been playing with.

Possibly the best news is that Microsoft won’t be waiting six months to release the Surface Pro 2 in Australia, which is basically what it did when it launched the original Surface last year alongside Windows 8, but waited until this year to make the Surface Pro available.

Both products will be hitting stores from late October, alongside Windows 8.1, with the Surface 2 coming in at $529 for the 32GB model, while the 64GB will cost $639.

The more computer savvy individuals keen to play with the Surface Pro 2 will find it from $1019 for 64GB, with $1129 fetching the 128GB model, $1469 grabbing 256GB, and a whopping $2039 getting the 512GB machine. All Surface Pro 2 machines will come with a pen for use with their machines.