Microsoft Office 2007

Get the job done better, faster – at home or in school.

Whether you’re on the home computer creating digital scrapbooks or a student lugging a notebook around campus, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 helps you get the job done quickly and easily. New features add power to your word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation capabilities. Optical character recognition in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 allows you to search handwritten notes, text in pictures, or spoken words in audio and video recordings.

Office Home and Student 2007 includes:

  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007
    Microsoft Office Professional 2007

RRP: $249.00

Powerful tools for managing information and tight schedules.

As a busy professional, you’re constantly juggling multiple tasks, managing large amounts of information, and racing against tight deadlines. Microsoft Office Professional 2007 helps you work more efficiently and better manage and share critical business information.

Office Professional 2007 includes:

  • Microsoft Office Access 2007
  • Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft Office Publisher 2007
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007

New user interface

One of the most significant changes with Office 2007 is the new user interface (UI). The UI design team had one mission – to create a user interface that makes it easier to use the technology. With Office 2007, traditional menus and toolbars have been replaced with the new ‘Ribbon’ which makes it easier for people to find the appropriate features they need to get the results they want. The Ribbon is found in five programs: Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and certain parts of Outlook. The new results-oriented UI design enables people to complete documents with up to 60% less clicks and 65% less mouse travel than in previous releases.

RRP: $849.00

Source: Microsoft