Microsoft Office 365 a.k.a. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more are chock full of features that no one uses. It’s not Office’s fault – it’s the fact that users seldom explore further than they originally learnt to do.

“The issue is that we still use Office as we started to use it. There is so much more in every revision of Office, especially our Office 365 subscription product that gets regular feature updates.”

Nathan Wilson, Manager Office Consumer and Education

The actual number of features in MS Word numbers thousands – ditto for Excel. Most people use perhaps five to ten – bold, underline, bullet points, highlight, headings, font/size, cut and paste …

With the recently released Office 2019 (buy the software for on-premise use) it was timely of Microsoft to remind us of some of the never-ending new features here, right now.

Graphics make text come alive

A page of text is boring – you can spice it up adding 3D. Just go to Insert>3D Models>From online sources (Remix 3D is a royalty-free online repository). It’s a bit like a treasure hunt.

Then there is a huge repository of Creative Commons royalty free images, icons, shapes and more. Or add video royalty free from places like YouTube.

Office 365

Tell Me more

One of my favourite tools it ‘Tell Me’ at the top right of the ribbon bar. If I want to add a horizontal rule, I just type that into the query box.

Word can now check more than 100 grammar issues as well as misspellings, use of slang and much more. All you need to do is go into File>Options>Proofing>Settings and set spell check to the level you need.

AI enables more

There is a lot of AI underpinning Office 365. It knows what you are working on and can help by identifying reference material and research links. For example, in a resume, it may identify titles and open similar level template resumes. Or you can use the research link (References>Researcher) and gather information. If you are collaborating, you can even chat with co-authors within the application.